We hear a lot of stories in our childhood.These stories give us moral teachings. Today I will share some very short stories with morals. Let's start:

11 very short stories with morals

1.Two cats and a monkey

Two cats lived in a house. Once they stole a piece of cake. They could not decide to divided the cake between themselves. So they began to quarrel over the share. At last they came to a monkey and asked him to make two equal divisions of the cake.
very short stories with morals
very short stories with morals

 The clever monkey took the opportunity to deprive them of the thing. So he began to weight the cake after breaking it into two parts. Each time he put the unequal portions on the scale and bit a part of it to make them equal. Thus he ate up the entire cake. In this way the two cats were befooled by the monkey and went away.

Moral of this very short story: Quarrels create the advantage for a third person.

2.King Canute and his courtiers

There was a great King named Canute. His courtiers often flattered him. One day his courtiers said, "Your majesty, you have endless power. Even Nature obeys you. If you command the sea to stop. King Canute disliked such flattery and wanted to teach them a good lesson. He went to the sea-shore with courtiers and took his seat on a chair there. The sea was rough and the waves were rolling on. The King commanded, "O sea, stop there and do not move forward." But the waves rolled on as before and drenched their clothes. Then the king turned towards his courtiers and said, "Don't flatter like this." The courtiers felt ashamed of this and gave up their flattery.

Moral of this very short story: Flattery is meanness.

3.The English sailor and the caged birds

short stories with moral values
short stories with moral values

In a war with France an English sailor became a prisoner. He was confined in prison for several years. When the war came to an end, he was set free. He came to his homeland and felt very happy. One day when he visited a bird-shop in the market, he bought all the cages full of birds. He opened all the cages one after another and set all the birds free. The bird-seller was surprised to see the strange act of the man. He asked him, "Why have you spent so much money for nothing?" The man replied, "When i was a prisoner of war, I always longed to be free and see my near and dear ones. So i can feel the miserable condition of the birds. I have therefore, spent a little money to set them free."

Moral of the story: Freedom is more valuable than anything else.

4.A Clever Judge

One day a rich man lost his purse. He thought that the purse had been stolen by one of his servants, but he could not detect the actual thief. Then he made a complaint before a judge. The judge summoned all the servants but all of them denied the charge. The judge then hit upon a plan to detect the thief. He gave all of them sticks of equal length and asked them of submit the sticks on the following day. He also told that the stick of the thief will increase an inch by the magic touch of his judgement-stick at that time. All the servants went home and kept their sticks as it was. But the servant who stole the purse reduced the length of his stick by an inch. Next day when all the servants submitted their sticks to the judge, one stick was found shorter by an inch and the thief was easily detected and sent to jail.

Moral: One cannot hide one's misdeed by tricks.

5.The king and the spider

short stories with morals
short stories with morals

There was a king who lost his kingdom being defeated by his enemies. He wished to regain his kingdom at any cost. He collected troops and made as many as six attempts to drive away the enemies. But by irony of fate he was defeated each and every time. He then hid himself in a cave. One day when  he was lying in the cave in a pensive mood, he saw a spider trying to climb up the  roof of the cave. But it failed  six times and succeeded the seventh time. The king was inspired by this and he fought against the enemies for the seventh time. This time he became successful and regained his lost kingdom.

Moral of this inspiring story: Endeavour with patience is the mother of success.

6.A tailor and a magician

Once a tailor and a magician met together and talked on various topics. The tailor talked of his poverty and said."I know only one trade. If this trade fails, I am undone."
"I pity you, my friend," said the magician, "but things are not so bad with me. If one tricks fails, I have a hundred tricks more to help me."
"You are very lucky," said the tailor.
"Don't envy," replied the magician, "If a  bad time should ever come to you, just tell me and i'll help you."
Days in and days out and a bad  year of famine did really come and people suffered horribly. The tailor still lived by his honest means as people could not go without clothing. But the magician with his hundred tricks could find no customer as people had no penny for that. He moved about promising to eat fire or to vomit pins but still none cared for him.
At last in extreme misery the magician came one day to the poor tailor and said, " Friend,  my pride has humbled. Give me something to eat if you can. I am starving. "

Moral of this story: Honest profession is more precious than a hundred tricks.

very short stories with morals no.7:A dishonest shopkeeper

In a market there was dishonest shopkeeper. He used to give underweight to every customer. One day a clever customer was determined to pay him back in his own tricks. He went to the shop and wanted to one kilo of rice. The shopkeeper gave him under weight as usual. The customer asked him why he had given such underweight. The shopkeeper replied "Brother, why are you so angry? I have given you underweight so that you will have to carry less load."
The clever customer remained silent for a while and paid him less then his dues. The shopkeeper asked, "why have you paid me less?" The customer replied, "I have paid you less so that you may have to count less." Thus The dishonest shopkeeper was paid back in his own coin.

Moral: Dishonestly is paid by its own coin.

8.Who is to bell the cat?

In a big house there lived a large number of mice. They were doing a lot of mischief there. The Master of the house was very much annoyed and made a plan to get rid of them. He brought a cat to kill the mice. The mice were in great difficulty. They could not move freely as before. They held a meeting to discuss the matter and find a way to come out of this danger. Several proposals were made, but none of the proposals was good. At last a young mouse rose to speak. He said, "I have a good plan for your consideration. Let us tie a bell round the cat's neck. Then we shall always hear him coming and hide ourselves in time." All the mice thanked the young mouse for his plan. But an old mouse stood up and said, "No doubt, the idea is good. But pray, who is to bell the cat?" At this all remained silent as there was none to bell the cat.

Moral: It is easy to say but hard to do.

9.Newton and his Dog

Sir Isaac Newton was a great scientist. He had a little dog named Diamond. One day he went out of his room leaving his little dog asleep before the fire. For twenty years he was hard at work, studying a most difficult subject. On the table lay a heap of papers on which he had put down the findings of his research of twenty years. When his master left the room, little Diamond woke up, jumped on the table and overturned the lighted candle. The papers at once caught fire. Just when the papers had been completely burnt, Newton opened the door of the room. He saw that the fruits of his twenty years labours had been turned into a heap of ashes.
story for kids with moral
story for kids with moral

There stood Diamond the cause of all this mischief. Almost any other man would have killed the dog on the spur of the moment. But Newton patted the Dog on the head with kindness, although his heart was full of grief. He said, "O Diamond! Diamond! Though little knowest what mischief you have done." Then he patiently set to work again.

Moral of this short story: Patience is the strength of character.

10.The golden goose

A man had a goose. It was not usual one as it laid one golden egg every morning. Each egg brought the man quite a fair amount of money and he soon became rich. But his wife was not satisfied with this. She was too much greedy. She thought, "The goose has quite a number of golden eggs in its womb. Why should we not receive all the eggs at a time?" So she asked the man to do so. But the man did not agree with her. One day when the man was out of his house, his greedy wife brought a sharp knife, took hold of the goose and cut open its belly. The goose died at once. Thus the foolish women lost the goose as well as the prospect of golden eggs.

Morals: Grasp all, lose all.

11.A fox and a goat

Once a thirsty fox happened to fail into a well. He tried his best to get out of in but in vain. After a while a goat came there for a drink. As the goat peeped in, he saw the fox inside the well.
"What are you doing there at  the bottom of  the well?" asked the goat. The cunning fox was glad to see the goat and at once made a Plan. He invited the goat and said, "My friend, this well is famous for its sweet water. I have jumped in and i am drinking to my heart's content. If you want a taste of it yourself, please jump into it."
Without a second thought the foolish goat jumped into the well. The fox at once leaped on the goat's back, then on to his long horns and got out of the well. Before leaving the place he looked back into the well and said, "Foolish goat, look before you leap."

Moral of the story: Look before you leap.

Thanks for reading these very short stories with morals. Stay with us.

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