Love is a divine phenomenon. Love is Allah. Now I am not trying any poetry or fanciful words I am trying to say the reality. I may not give references of all my words cuz it may be boring to read but still if anyone want to know the authenticity he/she may ask for the reference.
Now about human love. Human being is the composition of physicality and spiritual. So love to them physical and at the same time spirituality. None of these two faculties can be handled in isolation. Priestic or monastic approach is totally impossible for human being. One the other hand pure physicality is an absurd proposition.
We have to walk on a sharp blade of love and infatuation and at the same time we need to differentiate love from lust. All lust is not love again all lust is not merely animalism.
We come across verity of loves in our life. Structure of love varies person to person even love to mother or sister is not same as love to wife. 
I think we hv to understand about love between male and female. I mean love not lust alone. Well in this regard there is a age factor wot none of we can avoid. A boy of four or five shall never think of it that’s why it is a age factor. But the indication of age factor is not always sexual impulse. Cuz even at the age of ninety year or above there is love between the spouse when sex has no part to play.
Sex is definitely a part for teenagers. Teen age chemistry or biology is different than others almost like the biology of a woman during her menstruation is different than rest of her time.
During this age the hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland to release hormones wot is called as gonadotropins into the bloodstream. These hormones stimulate estrogen production ,6 times greater than previous levels and androgen production ,20 times greater than previous levels by the ovaries in the girl and the testes in the boy. 
THP is a steroid, it is called as allopregnanolone, it plays a vital role. For adults and pre-pubescent individuals it increases to give a GABA effect to calm and cool them down in their limbic system in the brain. But for teenagers it hot them up in their hippocampus. So they suffer from mood swinging. That’s why if any teenager feels thing more hot he or she must take advice of a psychiatrists and he may prescribe him any med or counseling if required.
I said something about love earlier in order to differentiate this things. I hope you have understood me.
But it may be required for anyone too if the inside love guru disturbs him always. Anyway I managed to tackle this problem and I shall share it with u in private.
Teenagers love is not always the love we think about so they must be careful.