Well all boys’ semen has a “holding tank” and it has a release valve tat cares of large capacity loads. Boys are constantly producing sperm and it is released when they ejaculate. But when the sperm is ready to release but there is no ejaculation then it is absorbed back into body. But when the tensions mount to a critical level they may discharge during sleep. This is wet dreams.
But whole of it cannot get discharged so a fair amount of it stays inside and if this is happening for too long a period then it cn cuz problems. One of the severe problems is spermatoceles. This is a cystic condition in the scrotum. Moreover it can cuz prostatic hypertrophy, prostatic calculi, and premature ejaculation even erectile dysfunction..
On the other hand masturbation can cuz sexual maladjustment, neurotic reaction to feelings of sexual inadequacy or possible endocrine problems and tis is not at all healthy.
On the other hand masturbation is always hasty and imaginative so it feeds reward system in our brain with a false image. Reward system is a certain neuron structure in our brain. A reward is an appetitive stimulus given to a human or some other animal to alter its behavior. Masturbation shall make a boy to suffer premature ejaculation. And change the taste.
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin found that a part of the brain which activates when people feel motivated or rewarded shrinks and works less efficiently.
So imaginative masturbation is harmful for healthy marital life. They may develop quick ejaculation when time is needed.
All I said above to give a picture of those things.
A boy continuously going closer to a woman in our society making romance but not having sex shall face the problem with highly absorbing sperm in body continuously and in consequence his sexual life in the future shall turn all in fiasco on the other hand if he keeps rely on masturbation then he ll have another problem.. So those risky relations like engagement of love when they are teen or far away from marriageable period shall fuse their libido and thus short period sex duration is their fate. Soon after marriage they will become fatigued and reluctant.
This is the harmful side effect of free mixing. I did not include the religious order side and the sins.
Even those who watch porn picture of pornography about them a researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin found that a part of their brains which activates when they feel motivated or rewarded, shrinks and works less efficiently.
So people who watch porn are likely to need increasingly graphic material to achieve the same sexual stimulation.
This is a major case and reason people of the west are becoming more reluctant to have heterosex and inclining at homosexuality or becoming gay.

"The colours ,hues and patterns of human feelings differ. Human beings are unpredictable phenomenon. Thus “LOVE” as a faculty of human mind varies person to person. Love is an aesthetic aurora of mind. You hv your own psychological parameter. Your interpersonal relationships, psychological resilience and family resilience are different than others. So love to you is surely different than the others. If it is she then she is also different than you. Therefore the question of love and its destiny depends on your personal psychoanalysis. In your interpersonal relationships there are layers of psychoanalysis of each and everyone related with you. Lol it is little sophisticated analysis of your existence precedes essence.
Does love end? It depends wot is love to you and to her. If the love between two remained as “WILL” for anyone one of you, then yes this ‘will force’ may end when his/her point of interest ll get changed. If she kept willing to love then tat was her struggle to come closer to u and she cud not get engulfed, she ll not get effected but u ll suffer if you was spontaneous till you realize that she just wished to like you. Yes tat was her infatuation.
Lol Crush & Attraction are stimuli tat may lead at Love. Let me give you an example. You are walking on a street and a car did horn behind, you jumped on the footpath and let the car go. The horn was stimulus and your action was stimuli. Crush is stimuli to look at her. This stimuli can be by her beauty, intelligence, politeness prompted you to go for action her qualities were stimulus. Your will at her slowly turned into spontaneous appeal but she remained at the “will” stage. She could not let you get submerged into her soul. I think rest of your questions hv the same answers. ……….
Spontaneity is well combined with spark and will, its not possible to separate. But will alone is just a will without any spark. Hmm shall I be little out of context if I say when a woman turns into a mother at somebody then she is always a mother to him/her. Spontaneous love=Mother. Lol she willed to get pregnant but after that she has driven into the deep sea of love. No escape.”
Let me tell you one more thing some people hv a tendency to crash. They keep crashing. Its their libido problem. This is not love. These people are called as “SWINGERS’. They ll swing no matter wot. Its sad but true these people wont hesitate to run after prostitutes too.”