Sometimes we face a problem that my mobile data is on but not working. Don't worry,  It is not a master problem. YOU can easily fix this problem.

my mobile data is on but not working
my mobile data is on but not working

First of all, you have to ensure some things. Example: maybe you reached your data limit. So ensure that your data is not reached out. You also be confirmed that you buy the package properly and got the data.

First Solution for that problem:

Restart your device:

Sometimes your device may be facing some internal network accepting the problem. Or Your device some programme maybe work slowly.
Apply this trick, restart your device. This trick works like a magic.80% possibility to solve the problem of your mobile data not working. So try it first.

Check airplane mode:

If you mistakenly on airplane mode, your internet data is not working. So check that and ensure that airplane mode is off.

Re-Insert Your SIM Card:
It is also a great solution. Turn off your device and re-insert your sim card. Then turn on your device. Then turn on your mobile data, maybe its work.

Setup New APN:

If your network provider changes or updates their apn information then you need to be setup up to date apn.
Contact your network provider and tell you problem. Your network provider sure solves your problem or give some tips for solving this problem.
You get all the updated apn settings in our website. So on the top write your network provider name and search. After searching you get your apn setting full guide content. Follow the whole step what I provide on that content.