Setup manually Karabakh APN Settings for your device. This is Karabakh Internet APN Settings which is updated. Here I share a complete guide and step by step process.

Karabakh APN for Android

Configure Karabakh APN in your Android easily. Here I share an easy system for all the android device. Follow the instruction...
Karabakh APN Settings
Karabakh APN Settings 

How to setup Karabakh APN Settings on Android?
In your Android mobile/Tab Go to Settings > More >Cellular/MObile Network > Access point Names > + ( to add)
Then fill up the below information...

  • Name : Karabakh Internet
  • APN :
  • Proxy : Not Set
  • Port : Not Set
  • Username : Not Set
  • Password : Not Set
  • Server : Not Set
  • MMSC : Not Set
  • MMS Proxy : Not Set
  • MMS Port : Not Set
  • MCC : 283
  • MNC : 04
  • Authentication Type : Not Set
  • APN type : default
  • APN protocol: Ipv4
  • APN roaming protocol: Ipv4
  • Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • MVNO type : None
  • MVNO Value : Not set

Karabakh APN Settings for iPhone

Here I share Karabakh apn information for your iPhone device. All the information and processes are essential. Fill up all the information correctly, otherwise, your internet does not work.

How to setup Karabakh APN Settings for iPhone or iPad?
In your iPhone mobile go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Network> APN and fillup the below information.

Cellular Data:

  • APN:
  • Username: Blank
  • Password: Blank


  • APN : blank
  • Username: blank
  • Password: blank
  • MMSC: blank
  • MMS Proxy: blank
  • MMS Message Size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL:

If you are not able to setup on your device or face any other problem, then call 111 or visit: